La Madone

Mars 03 2022– May 03 2022
Body of work presented as part of the group exhibition Intérieures
Cache Studio gallery
Montréal (Qc), Canada

"I take as my starting point the definition of the word interior, a word that kept coming to mind when I thought about the works of the women in this exhibition.(...) The same definition applies to Eve Saint Jean's work, which explores another part of the soul: the vast interior of the collective unconscious. Here, the intimate meets the intersubjective. Her odysseys through the history of art deconstruct the haunting archetypes that weigh down its crew. (...) As Lacan said, "woman does not exist". The practices of these women embody probabilities that shatter the monolithic conception of woman from within, probabilities because they are born from within, because they are 'interior'."

-Stephanie Cambria
Founder and curator of Cache Studio gallery.