Eve Saint Jean is a Montreal-based multidisciplinary visual artist who explores the notion of duality. Her perspective deconstructs various dualisms that exist in the human understanding of nature and culture. Technically, she tends to transcend this notion, whether between figuration and abstraction, digital and material, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, or low-tech and high-tech. The result is fluid , a mesh of interactions at the core of her bodies of work, which blend painting, sculpture and digital art. Identifying herself as queer, her creations tend to (Re)invent narratives that have been constantly erased, those of women and queer community. Concepts, identity and collective memory from the world as we know, the androcene era, are deconstructed to reconstruct these altered landscapes and formes in the hope of a more organic, authentic and respectful construction of the self and ourselves. Reflecting her gender fluidity and her diverse influences, Eve pursues her singular artistic path, constantly seeking to redefine herself through the use of varied and innovative tools and materials in the fields of art and design.